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9 benefits of wearing MBT shoes

Wednesday, 28 February 2018 3:45:00 pm Australia/Sydney

Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT) shoes are designed to encourage more healthy gait and posture, for taking shorter and robust strides and for activating the smallest neglected foot muscles. MBT’s are used all over the world, and recently we have upgraded our logistics provider so that you will be able to receive your order sooner! 

The primary aim behind founding of Masai Barefoot Technology Inc. is to introduce in the market a type of footwear that would actually create a positive impact on the human feet when walking and even when standing!

1. Walking barefoot

MBT’s create a natural instability that transforms any even hard surface into soft, uneven one. These anti-shoes imitate the walking style of the Masai tribesmen. Wearing MBT is helpful since stress or pressure is reduced at your joints and skeletal system through minimal heel strike.

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2. Eases joint and back pain

They help to ease back and joint pain. The unique curvilinear sole reduces shock to the entire skeletal system while simultaneously strengthening and toning all your foot muscles.

3. Encourages shorter, natural strides

While conventional shoes create repeated compression with every step, MBT’s produce a gentle, rolling action leading to you taking more relaxed, natural strides! Try using MBT every day to release muscle tension as the body becomes more balanced.

4. Improves posture

Studies have proved the fact that MBT can help to improve and even eliminate certain conditions by realigning posture and modifying walking style of both men and women.

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5. Activates foot muscles

The otherwise neglected smallest foot muscles become activated, strengthened and toned by wearing MBT shoes Singapore. These shoes tighten and tone your feet and ankles, calves, hamstrings, upper and inner thighs, buttocks, stomach and back.

6. Minimizes plantar flexion

The uniquely designed curved sole creates a ‘rolling motion’ rather than a ‘stop and go motion’ when wearing ordinary shoes reducing the risk of plantar flexion. Our feet are bio-mechanically made to stride by pushing and not pulling like in normal shoes. Masai Barefoot Technology Footwear’s allows you to lead with your torso and push yourself forward taking shorter strides and no longer steps unlike conventional footwear that usually throw you off balance.

7. Perfect for professionals

People whose profession compels them to walk for longer distances can be immensely benefited from MBT’s since they are designed to decrease pressure on the skeletal system by encouraging the foot muscles to absorb the shock of walking. Rocking back and forth while standing increases blood circulation, reduces shock, and helps you stand for prolonged period of time without any pain or discomfort.

8. Can help diabetic patients

MBTs stimulates blood flow to all muscle groups in the legs and can be a powerful aid to proprioception that stimulates the nerve supply to muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons in the lower limbs. Diabetic patients with neuro-vascular complications can greatly benefit from wearing MBT.

9. Helps to reduce Multiple Sclerosis & Motor Neuron Disease

People suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, a chronic inflammatory disease of the central nervous system, can start wearing MBT as part of their normal rehabilitation program. MBTs can also assist maximal motor functioning to ease motor neuron disease.

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