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Beware of Fake MBTs Off and On!

Wednesday, 21 March 2018 8:34:05 pm Australia/Sydney

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I love my feet and don’t want to cause any harm by wearing bad shoes. I believe for a good building, the foundation needs to be strong! MBT shoes tone our foot and leg muscles and improve mobility, posture and balance. However, these days, a number of fake MBT shoe online shops have sprung up in different parts of the world. These unauthorized websites are not selling genuine MBTs but footwear made of low-quality leathers and sole at very low price. Therefore, it is highly recommended to purchase MBTs only from an authored website to enjoy comfortable and pleasant walking, running, standing, and even dancing.

MBT Stands for Authentic Products

To help millions of customers stay away from being a victim of fraud and ending up buying MBTs footwear that are not actually real, the company Masai Barefoot Technology has come up with a unique plan. This original Swiss physiological footwear brand has implemented an advanced system of traceability to effectively tackle the problem of counterfeit products. In association with Certilogo of Milan, Italy that provides an easy, user-friendly system to find if a product is authentic or fake, Masai Barefoot Technology helps a person purchase only authentic shoes from anywhere and at any time.

How to Verify a Product with Certilogo?

Products tagged with a Certilogo Code can only be verified by visiting the link . It is a 12 digit unique code that humans can easily read and use for ensuring the protection of a brand.

How to identify MBT fake shoes

Where to Find the CLG Code?

The CLG Code can be found in different locations depending on the product type. For example, in case of clothing companies, the code can be woven into clothing labels or wrapped around the neck of a bottle. In every MBT shoe, you will find the Certilogo Code or CLG Code. You just need to put the CLG code on the box given on its official website and click on the “Go” button to verify its authenticity.

MBT always stands for genuineness and reacts heavily if it finds something tricky. For that purpose, MBT goes that extra mile to join hands with Certilogo to help people purchase only reliable, real MBTs.

List of Fake Websites

There are many companies owning one or multiple websites which appear to sell fake mbt shoes and continuously deceiving customers worldwide. Some of the common practices of fraud include charging your credit card at a grocery company, sending you an empty box or with fake shoes in it, and even asking you to scan your credit card and driver’s license for sending the same to the fake company address!

These online stores sell counterfeit shoes labeled as MBT at a cheap price. Many people get attracted to these companies thinking of big savings on shoes. But actually what they get are products made of low-quality materials. The shoes are painted to look similar to a real MBT pair. However, within a few days from the date of purchase the paint starts to fade. Moreover, shoes made of bad leathers and sole causes multiple foot problems.

In addition to having a fake address, many of these companies also have unauthentic email contacts such as site name@gmail, almost similar multiple websites, etc. You may also find sites that are copyrighted by the name of the site and then “powered by” the name of the site.

Below is a list of fake MBT Webstores:

S. No Fake Websites Url

Can Certilogo Go Wrong?

Certilogo is extremely reliable for product verification. If you have added the 12 digit code correctly and see “abuse and improper use”, then surely your product is a fake. All MBT dealers are trained to help customers use the product correctly and check its authenticity.

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