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Proven Life Hacks to help your sport performance

Thursday, 14 June 2018 3:11:00 pm Australia/Sydney

Ever wonder how the professional athletes keep up with all the exercises?
While most of us aren't exactly professionally paid athletes, we've all participated in some some sort of friendly match or marathons in our lives. If you’re currently looking for that extra something to help push your game to the next level, well look no further.

There is actually scientific research that can help you perform at a higher level, and these things aren’t impossible to gain access to. Read up on these simple life hacks that will help you play to the best of your ability.

Clenching your left fist relaxes you in high-pressure moments

This motion is said to activate the right side of the brain -- the side that controls your automated behavior. This helps athletes from overthinking and just letting their natural instincts come in.

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Chewing gum or sipping juice makes you more alert

Drinking sugary drinks like Gatorade or chewing some gum is more than just delicious, it helps you think better! Your brain, in turn, becomes more active in the pleasure center, allowing you to enjoy feeling the burn far longer than some idiot without a sugary drink. It also stimulates the part of your brain in charge of movement control.

Smelling good scents helps you concentrate better

For years researchers have known about the positive effects of certain smells and aromas. Its healing power can not only make you calmer but it actually lowers your blood pressure.

In a study conducted with six MLB players, researchers discovered that the athletes hit a higher batting average every time they sniffed their scented wrist bands. Their performance and ability sky-rocketed thanks to an increase of their hand-eye coordination.

Image result for soccer smelling each other

Eating a chocolate bar gives you more energy to burn

Scientists also discovered that eating bits of chocolate before physically exerting yourself can help performance and stamina. During your exercise, you lose a lot of energy. Epicatechin, a chemical in chocolate, helps to quickly restore this energy and give you more power to last longer.

Non-alcoholic beers help you recover

Especially after running a marathon, your body's recovery is vital in making sure you can walk again. Doctors now say that drinking non-alcoholic beverages afterwards can help you recover more quickly and get you ready for the next game. Have you ever tried the non-alcoholic wheat beer off the shelves at supermarket? If you haven’t you might wanna have a go at it.

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Wearing red also increases your chances of winning

Not only does wearing red make you more attractive to the opposite sex, but it also increases your chances of winning. So before you celebrate after every score and wild out, make sure you're wearing red.

This lethal combo should give you an unparalleled edge. In 2004, two British researchers concluded that athletes who wore red always came out on top during close-game situations. In chinese beliefs, people usually wear red underwear for their first job interview, their competition day, any important occasaion, so you get the drift? -- Red means dominance.

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