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Choosing your MBTs

Wednesday, 6 December 2017 8:04:57 pm Australia/Sydney

So, you’re browsing our website and you have no idea where to start. Too many to look at, and it’s just too complicated.

Let us help you funnel the information.

But first, you need to get fitted. If you haven’t been fitted, you can check out our post here.


Once you have, you need to determine a couple of things:

  1. What do you want to use the shoe for - casual, sports, or work?
  2. How rocky do you want your shoes?

For the first, you can use the filters that pop up on the left-hand side once you’ve selected a category. Sorted by gender and types of shoes, the filters are super handy in helping you narrow down your options.

Once you’ve selected the design you’re interested in, refer to the MBT Index that accompanies every product listing.

Over the years, MBT has varied its rocker sole. When the brand first started, the degree of rock was the greatest and users either loved it or struggled to use it. So, the following models were designed with a lower profile that gave less rock. This index system helps determine the level of rock you will experience in the shoes.

 How do you decide how rocky a shoe you want? Remember, the goal of these shoes is to make you feel like you’re walking on a sandy beach regardless the degree of rock of the shoe. This is the idea behind the conceptualisation of MBT, which can read more about here.

 The index consists of three levels of rock: Activate, Dynamic, and Performance.


The Activate index means that you’ll be getting the lowest level of rock, since the soles are the flattest and the pivot axis (the place in the shoe where you shift your weight from the back of your foot to the front) is low. Some shoes containing this index are the women’s Sirima 5S and the men’s Boston M.


The Dynamic index indicates a moderate level of rock. The midsole is medium-high, and the curve of the sole is considered medium-strong. The profile of the shoe is very slightly higher than that of the Activate index shoes. Shoe models having this index include the men’s Jefar and Simba; and the women’s Tulia and Amara 6S GTX. The majority of MBT shoes contain this level of rock.


The Performance index is the highest level of rock of any of the indexes. The sole has a slightly higher profile than the Dynamic soles, and is comparable to the old MBT Sport and Sport High. Models with this index include the men’s Zee 17 and the women’s Pata 6S.


Do note that the running shoes have a different index, which we’ll share about in the next post.


We hope this has helped you understand the MBT Index and the types of shoes. As always, just leave us a comment if you have any questions and we’ll try our best to help!



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