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Sniffing out the counterfeits

Wednesday, 13 December 2017 4:30:00 pm Australia/Sydney

Shoes from the Singapore-owned brand Masai Barefoot Technologies (MBT) have been gaining traction in the market, thanks to an unusual rocker sole design said to help improve body posture.

These MBT shoes are so popular that on average, five pairs of cut-price counterfeit MBT shoes arrive on Germany's shores from unlicensed factories in China and Indonesia on a daily basis.

This has motivated Mr Andy Chaw, chief executive of Masai Group International, who owns the brand, to step up the firm's IP protection efforts. In 2012, Mr Chaw bought bankrupt Swiss firm Masai Group International.

"It is a constant battle trying to defend our IP rights," said Mr Chaw.

MBT appointed brand protection company Pointer to sniff out and shut down websites selling counterfeit MBT products in January last year.

On a monthly basis, there are approximately about 250 of such websites are being closed down. Other than that, Mr Chaw is also looking into engaging investigators to "go after the factories that produce counterfeits directly".

So, how can you ensure that the MBT shoes you own is authentic?

Simply find the Certilogo label and code in every MBT left shoes, and visit the link provided here to go directly to the authentication portal to confirm your MBT shoes are authentic.

The objective of this service is to create an effective deterrent against counterfeiting, while helping to protect consumers from fakes off and online.

As part of MBT’s quality philosophy the new service places the consumer at the centre of brand protection, and initiates a new channel of communication offering a platform which will develop direct dialogue with MBT and its loyal consumers.

All approved MBT stockists are trained to give a short introduction to ensure correct and effective use of the product. Learn More

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